The 2022 Anatomage Tournament

The 2022 Anatomage Tournament is an anatomy competition open to all interested high school teams and will be held virtually via Zoom.

No Anatomage Table is needed to compete! Just bring your anatomy knowledge and get ready for a healthy competition!

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What is the Anatomage Tournament?

The Anatomage Tournament is a team-based competition to test student’s knowledge of anatomy. Teams of 3 to 5 students will compete in a series of rounds where teams with the highest score in an anatomy test utilizing a cadaver from the Anatomage Table will advance to the next round.

Students will take the test over a Zoom meeting hosted by Anatomage, where we will share controls of the software with the student team. Each team will be asked to select a single “team lead” who will be shared control of the Anatomage software over Zoom to take the test. The rest of the team will provide feedback on which structure to submit for the answer.

In each round, your goal is to score as many points as possible within the allotted time by correctly identifying anatomical structures. Being the last team standing makes you the Anatomy Champions!

Compete to be crowned the Anatomy Champions!


Team Details

  • Must be high school students (seniors who just graduated can compete)
  • Teams must be composed of 3-5 students
  • 2 teams are allowed per school

Technology Needs

  •  A Windows PC/laptop or Mac (preferably with a mouse). A Chromebook, iPad, or smartphone cannot be used by Team Captains.
  • Stable Internet connection. The Team Captain will be remotely controlling the Anatomage Team member’s screen via Zoom so this is crucial!
  • Zoom Client installed and running.
  • The other team members can join the Zoom through any device if they are not in the same room as the Team Captain.


  • The Top 4 teams will receive Anatomage and Technology Prizes.
    • Anatomage Tournament Champions (First Place) will win Anatomage VR tablets.
    • Second, Third and Fourth Places will be awarded Apple products and other Anatomage prizes.


  • Qualifying Rounds: May 24-27

    • Time Appointments are Available: 6:00AM- 5:00PM Pacific Time
  • Preliminary Rounds: June 1-3

    • Time Appointments are Available: 9:00AM- 5:00PM Pacific Time
  • Top 16 Rounds: June 7

  • Top 8 Rounds: June 9

  • Top 4 & Championship Rounds: June 10

Round Information & Registration:

Tournament Registration is now closed. 

All teams will compete in a Qualifying Round to move forward in the Tournament (exception: Top 3 Teams from Anatomage Tournament with Partner Organization or Anatomage Tournament X). Teams that score a 75% or higher (15 or more correct questions) in the Qualifying Round Quiz will move on to the Preliminary Round.

The Top 16 scoring teams from the Preliminary Round will move forward to the Top 16 Round.


  • Correct Answer: +10 Points
  • Incorrect Answer: -1 Point
  • Skipped Question: 0 Points

The goal from the Preliminary Round forward is to achieve the highest score!

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