What is required before starting my first case?

We ask that you schedule a brief introductory training and complete our Anatomage Guide service agreement. Please contact us at 1-408-885-1474 ext. 1 or info@anatomage.com to get started.

How do I schedule training?

Once you have submitted your signed Anatomage Guide service agreement, please contact our Anatomage Guide Consultant team at 1-408-885-1474 ext. 3 or email us directly at guide@anatomage.com.

How do I schedule a case planning session?

Once you are signed on as an Anatomage Guide customer, and received your Dr. Login account, please contact our Anatomage Guide Consultant team at 1-408-885-1474 ext. 3 or email us directly at guide@anatomage.com to schedule your case planning appointment.

What is the address for shipping models?

Please ship stone models to:

3350 Scott Blvd #29
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Before mailing your stone model, please include a completed Stone Model Submission Form, which you can download from the resources tab after logging in to your doctor account. You will need to provide your own shipping labels.

When will my guide arrive?

Once you approve your final treatment plan, we guarantee your surgical guide will ship out of our facility in three business days. We ship FedEx® two day for a speedy delivery. In total, you will receive your guide five business days after we receive your final treatment plan. If you need your guide to be delivered sooner, we can rush the service and delivery to as fast as one day for additional rush fees. To inquire about all the different options please contact our Anatomage Guide Consultant team at 1-408-885-1474 ext. 3 or email us directly at guide@anatomage.com for more information.

How can I share my planning file with a colleague?

Anatomage’s Invivo6 and InvivoMac software allows for simple, fast case sharing by direct upload to Anatomage Cloud. Anatomage Cloud is a universal medical image sharing platform that includes a web browser-based 3D viewer for Invivo files and DICOM data.

From Invivo6 or InvivoMac, go to File and select Send File. Sign into your Anatomage Cloud account and proceed to send your case by entering the recipient’s name and email address.

To create your Anatomage Cloud account visit: https://anatomagecloud.com/SignUp


Ready to start using Anatomage Guide? Please contact our dedicated Anatomage team at info@anatomage.com or 1-408-885-1474 ext.1.


Use Anatomage Cloud to view and share DICOM data and Invivo files (.inv) with your colleagues even if they don’t have the Invivo software. The Anatomage Cloud web browser-based 3D DICOM viewer requires no software installation to view the image, so sharing and viewing is very fast and easy.

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Need help? Or want more information about our Anatomage Guide service? Don’t hesitate to ask. Email us directly at info@anatomage.com or call our Clinical Consultants at 1-408-885-1474 ext. 3.

If you require support for Invivo software, please navigate to software support.

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