Join us to study female anatomy through the world’s accurate 3D digital model. From detailed female reproductive anatomy to functional responses, you can discover the mysteries of female anatomy through our Anatomage Bodies.

This female model is one of the Anatomage Bodies – which are parts of the Anatomage Table’s real anatomy contents. With the release of Table 9, the Anatomage Bodies’ anatomical details have been refined, updated and improved to become the world’s most comprehensive 3D anatomical models.

Amplified Anatomical Accuracy

Whether it’s gross or functional anatomy, Table 9 aims to bring realism into your medical education lectures. Our Anatomage Bodies are now revamped to provide accurate and expansive anatomical data to support human anatomy learning. Complex details such as cardiovascular and nervous systems are upgraded to illustrate true-to-life anatomy depictions.

Enhanced Instructional Experience

Table 9 advances your Anatomage Table’s teaching experience through new tools and additions. These tools allow your lectures to be recorded, furthering your student learning experience. With new interactive histology and pathology cases, your teaching activities will be filled with fascinating content that truly captures students’ attention.

Join Our Global Community

As Anatomage Share is included in Table 9, Anatomage Table users can now share and store files with others’ files and ideas through messages on the platform. By joining the Anatomage Global Community, you will enter a network where accurate anatomy materials are globally accessible for better learning.

World’s Most Accurate 3D Female Anatomy

Reconstructed from a real person, the digital model is a full-size cadaver that exhibits a similar level of anatomical detail and richness that can only be found with a real female cadaver. In addition to anatomical structures, users can also simulate functional responses, including cardiac motions and nerve pathways, to have a complete look at female anatomy.

  • Visualize 2,600+ annotated anatomical structures in 3D
  • Trace an entire nerve pathway with 188 dermatomes
  • Explore the female reproductive system and functions with high-resolution images

Interactive Visualization Of Female Reproductive Anatomy

Improve the understanding of female reproductive systems through accurately visualizing a high-resolution female pelvis scan. Exhibiting a natural state of a female pelvis, the pelvis scan allows Table 9 users to intricately trace all details of the female reproductive anatomy systems, including the uterus, ovaries, and vagina.

  • Delivers the most accurate digital view of female pelvic anatomy
  • Reconstructed from a real female body
  • Scanned at 0.30 mm resolution

Anatomage Bodies Revamped

Enhance your teaching quality with rich and accurate anatomy contents from Table 9. Anatomage Bodies have been refined to reflect the highest-accuracy quality for their anatomical data. This includes cardiac simulation on all Anatomage Bodies, an upgraded nerve distribution to the male Asian body and many more.

  • Cardiac structures updated to include interatrial and interventricular septa
  • Veins and vessels refined to improve accuracy
  • Regional anatomy’s segmentation renovated to increase true-to-life precision

Advance Your Kinesiology Lectures With Ligament Motions

Transform kinesiology concepts into reality with our new Functional Anatomy tools. You can now activate ligament movements on an Anatomage Body to visualize the kinetic coordination between bones, joints and organs. This addition can provide visual guidelines for the lessons of sports medicine, athletic training, and other functional concepts.

  • Movements can be coordinated to follow flexion/extension, abduction/adduction, internal/external rotation, protraction/retraction, and elevation/depression directions
  • Improve the understanding of ligament injuries in Sports Medicine, Athletic Training, and other Functional Anatomy concepts
  • Can be zoomed in and out for better view

Dental Anatomy In 3D

Bring 3D visualization into your oral medicine lectures with a brand-new Dental Arch view. Get ready to experience every little detail of human teeth, dental structures, and periodontal ligaments in the most photorealistic visualization.

  • Access 3D panoramic views of dental anatomy
  • Examine the entire mouth in a single 3D 360-degree view
  • Support in improving dental learning and practice efficacy

Streamline Your Anatomage Table User Experience

Tailored to elevate your teaching experience with the Anatomage Table, Table 9 updates include new tools and refined existing features that assist your student in learning better. Students can review anatomy concepts after class with the new Lecture tool. Using this feature, your lectures on the Anatomage Table can be captured for students to review after classes.

Learning Assistant is now available in high resolution, allowing students to access information on high-quality anatomical scans.

  • Watch recorded Anatomage Table activities with the Lecture tool
  • Encourage students to autonomously review anatomy concepts with Learning Assistant
  • Promote self-evaluation activities with renovated Quiz Mode workflow
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