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Anatomodel, our 3D modeling service, allows doctors to provide enhanced diagnosis for their patients. Visualize dynamic digital study models exclusively on Invivo software. Using a single CBCT scan and a simple digital photograph, our skilled Anatomodel technicians can create impression-less study models that represent the true patient anatomy.

Market Leader

Anatomage is a global 3D dental application leader.  With more than 10,000 doctors using our system, we have established a solid reputation in the field. Along with our software, our doctors find tremendous success with the Anatomodel service.

Completely Digital

Anatomodel uses an effortless completely digital impression-less process to produce accurate dynamic study models for your treatment plans and simulations. Easily integrate the innovative Anatomodel technology into any practice.

Impressive Presentations

Anatomodel is unparalleled when it comes to presentations for patient treatment consultation, patient communication, and case acceptance. Your patient will be uniquely impressed by the breathtaking CBCT models and digital simulations.



You can run a 3D practice without impression material, tray, stone model or unnecessary storage.

Segmented Models

A complete digital study model with individually segmented teeth, root, and crown visualization.

Important 3D Insight

Anatomodel shows impacted teeth, alveolar bone, and their relationship to important skeletal or facial structure.

Interactive 3D Simulations

Visualize your orthodontic, orthognathic and surgical treatment cases with impressive simulations.



  • Take a CBCT scan of the patient
  • Optional: include a 2D or 3D frontal photo


  • Save the DICOM & Photo
  • Upload through the AutoUploader or your Anatomodel account


  • Login to your Anatomodel account
  • Receive the Anatomodel file and images
Invivo -Anatomodel features SELECTED

Treatment Planning

With our award winning 3D imaging software, Invivo allows you to virtually treatment plan your cases using CBCT DICOM data. Clearly visualize volumetric impacted teeth and unusual root angulations to better prepare your treatment plan. Rotate, translate, and superimpose anatomically accurate 3D models to improve communication with both your patients and collaborating colleagues.  The software can also provide valuable diagnostic information about your patients airway, potentially improving your overall treatment objective. Invivo is the leading choice for top CBCT manufacturers and a powerful presentation platform.

  • Compatible with Anatomage’s Invivo and TxStudio Software
  • Use Anatomodels to Treatment Plan with the Real Patient Root
  • 3D Cephalometric Analysis Compatible with Traditional 2D Tracings
  • Create Powerful Patient Education Simulations

Anatomodel Options

The Anatomodel service can be customized in many ways to help benefit your practice.  From 3D cephalometric tracings to special gallery shots, the Anatomodel service is aimed at improving your treatment planning experience.

3D Ceph Tracing

  • True 3D ceph analysis compatible with 2D analysis
  • Create or customize your own analysis
  • Traced directly on the volume for accuracy

Surgical Cuts

  • Split maxilla cut for palatal expansion
  • Full mandible for condyle visualization
  • Advanced cuts such as genioplasty available upon request

3D Face Wrap

  • 3D facial mapping from a single, regular 2D photograph
  • Fully prepared and aligned with CBCT and study model
  • Used to generate soft-tissue prediction with simulations

Airway Analysis

  • Easy to trace and analyze patient’s airway
  • Visualize airway relationship to dental structures
  • Superimpose pre and post to compare airway measurements

Custom Gallery

  • 2D pano and 2D ceph standard images
  • 3D model and 3D face images also included
  • Customized images such as large occlusal shot as requested

Additional Options

  • Nerve tracing: analyze nerve/tooth relationship
  • Stitching: create 1 large scan from 2 small scans
  • ABO bases: if requested for ABO boards

What our Customers say

I have been using Anatomodels on every patient for over 7 years now in my orthodontic practice. I can't imagine diagnosing, treatment planning, and practicing without it. We have a virtual patient on every patient with AnatoModel. It is our one and only orthodontic record and the foundation of our treatment conferences. Our treatment conversions have soared through the roof because of it. Patients really understand their problems and see the solutions - and so does the doctor!- Juan-Carlos Quintero, DMD , MS - South Miami, FL
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