Online Access To True-Human Bodies And 3D Anatomy Content:
Only Available With The Anatomage eBook

When it comes to studying anatomy and physiology, nothing is more important than efficiently memorizing the anatomical and clinical terms – and this is where our technology comes to play.

Called Anatomage eBook, the anatomy and physiology learning platform allows students to access online cadavers and interact with each anatomical part of all 11 human body systems not to only identify its structures but also to understand the functions. With the contents derived from true-human cadavers, the Anatomage eBook brings the premium, exclusive learning experience to all Anatomy and Physiology students.

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Visually Learn From True Human Cadavers

Visually Learn From True Human Cadavers

Anatomage eBook enables users to accurately visualize the anatomy and physiology concepts of a true human body. Each of the concepts is accompanied with instructive descriptions and medically accurate anatomy images that catch users’ attention and help them memorize the terminology better.

Increase Learning Activities Anywhere

Increase Learning Activities Anywhere

With Anatomage eBook, teachers can encourage students to review A&P topics before, during and after class. Not only does it allow students to be fully prepared for A&P lessons, but it also helps with shaping students’ learning habits.

Amplify Student Engagement Through Interactivity

Amplify Student Engagement Through Interactivity

As an online, web-based platform, Anatomage eBook has an advantage over the traditional textbooks – interactivity. This makes students feel like they are playing anatomy games instead of just reading a ton of texts, therefore boosting their interest in learning anatomy.

Study With True-Human Cadaver’s Content

The images from Anatomage eBook are taken from the Anatomage Table’s real human cadavers. By exhibiting real, accurate human anatomy visuals, Anatomage eBook is a great tool to be implemented to classes at both high school and college levels. Visualizing accurate anatomy and physiology concepts can also enhance student learning performing, preparing them well for their future medical professions.

  • Accurate anatomy and physiology illustrations
  • Assist students with learning spatial anatomy through true-human cadavers
  • Ideal for all learning levels at high school and colleges

High Quality Anatomy & Physiology Learning Resources for Online Class

Featuring 11 major body systems and functions categorized into 39 anatomy and physiology chapters, Anatomage eBook introduces anatomy and physiology concepts through highly instructive texts and visually pleasing images. With the content being validated by credible industry professionals and the visuals being developed from our renowned Anatomage Table’s real anatomy contents, the quality of visuals and texts provided by the Anatomage eBook is incomparable.  Supplying its visually rich content and interactive interface, Anatomage eBook helps students better conceptualize and memorize the anatomical and clinical terminology.

  • 11 human body systems
  • Interactive physiology videos
  • Histology slides included

Interact with the Anatomage Table’s Contents Online

Derived from the Anatomage Table’s real anatomy contents, the Anatomage eBook can serve as an online, interactive version of the Anatomage Table platform. With its interactive interface, Anatomage eBook allows students to engage with the most accurate anatomy illustrations – that can only found on the Anatomage Table – as well as accessing the real human anatomy content from the Table anywhere, anytime.

  • Interactive real anatomy illustration
  • Ideal for remote Anatomage Table users
  • Improves accessibility in medical learning

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