Medical Design Studio

Medical Design Studio is a sophisticated software that specializes in the design and creation of 3D models from medical images. The software is able to use standard CT or MRI scans to create 3D anatomy models. Beyond that, you have the ability to import an existing 3D model of a medical device and customize it to fit to a patient’s specific anatomy. Medical Design Studio is versatile in that its features can be applied to conceptual design, device improvement, and the creation of patient-specific medical devices.*



MD Studio is compatible with DICOM medical images which can be used to create STL mesh models.

Device Design

Device Design

Visualize design concepts while creating medical device models that can be viewed within 3D human anatomy.

3D Printing

3D Printing

Create or import existing device models to develop accurate 3D print-outs for comprehensive clinical use.


One of Medical Design Studio’s main components is the creation of 3D (STL) models using medical CT or MRI scans. It gives you the ability to export files for 3D printing of life-size patient anatomy. The software includes image optimization features that allows for you to easily clean-up your images for accurate patient print-outs.

  • Easy Model Sculpting
  • Soft and Hard Tissue Models
  • Export 3D STL Models

3D Printing

STL models can be created for both patient models and devices from DICOM medical images. Existing models of a medical device can also be imported into the software to customize the fit to a patient’s anatomy. The model’s design can be optimized and exported for accurate 3D printing.

  • Model Patient Anatomy
  • 3D Device Optimization
  • High-Quality Print-Outs

Modeling For Device Creation

Medical Design Studio enables you to integrate your device design into medical images. This creates the opportunity to have verification for design improvement by using scans that feature real patient anatomy. Features included in the software allow you to adjust and simulate the function of the device within 3D human anatomy.

  • Implantable Device Design
  • Fuse Device With Medical Images
  • Verify Design Concepts In 3D

Full Solution Software

The software is designed to be compatible with industrial CT scanner DICOM data and STL models. STL models created in third-party software can be imported and superimposed with CT scans. From there, it’s possible to sculpt, cut, and smooth models for final design and STL export to meet your customization needs.

  • Smoothing, Pulling, Flattening, and Coloring Tools
  • Intuitive Model Building
  • Convert DICOM to STL

Patient-Specific Devices

When fusing device models into medical images, devices can be fitted to be patient-specific. The overall design of the device can be updated and improved based a patient’s specific case. Depending on their morphology and goals for clinical treatment, the design parameters for the device can be adjusted and increasingly customized.*

  • Image Guided Treatment
  • Custom-Fitted Devices
  • Patient-Specific Parameters
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*Medical Design Studio is not a medical device and Osteoid makes no claims that it is intended to treat, plan, or diagnose. However, there is evidence that indicates many customers are successful using Medical Design Studio in their own clinical workflows and are following all local regulatory requirements.