A Competition That No One Loses

Anatomage Tournament seeks to create a new kind of academic competition – where no one loses. Embodying our ideal of ” learning while playing”, Anatomage Tournament enables a nationwide platform where students engage in a series of exciting – and meaningful games to exchange their medical anatomy knowledge for the school championship.

Every year, the Anatomage Tournament attracts hundreds of students across the country to celebrate the science of human anatomy and physiology. Today, responding to the current changing landscape, we’ve transformed Anatomage Tournament to be a virtual and interactive experience that provides a safe and healthy playfield for the participants and our staff.

Keeping the same legacy that the in-person Anatomage Tournaments have established, our virtual format is anticipated to deliver an impactful – and safe – educational experience for our future generations.

Zoom Tournaments

The tournaments are conducted through Zoom sessions.

Before any tournament, your teams will be provided a document containing the Zoom links and necessary details for you to join the sessions.

Upon joining the Zoom meeting, your selected team lead will be granted remote access to the Anatomage Table to enter the tournament questions’ correct answers. Your teammates can discuss to agree on the answer.

Team-Based Games

Your teamwork will play a key role in winning the tournaments.

Your team can have up to 5 members and will compete against other teams. Each team will be encouraged to come up with a team name. Once completing the tournament(s), all of the winning team members will be given the prizes.

Make The First Career Strides

Winning the tournaments is not just about getting the prizes.

Throughout the tournament, your students will be able to connect with their peers who share the same academic and professional interests. They will be able to tap into a great network full of industry experts and leaders.

In the past, Anatomage offered internships to the winning members and provided the necessary skillset to begin their professional journey in medical education.

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Past Virtual Anatomage Tournaments

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What People Say About The Anatomage Tournaments

The Anatomage Anatomy Challenge was definitely the highlight of my day at the Sports Medicine Competition at CSUN this year! It was an absolute adrenaline rush to watch our team of five students compete and test their knowledge of the anatomical structures on this powerful learning tool. I'm extremely proud of my team and grateful for those who sponsored and hosted this wonderful educational event for high school students.- Kim Crosby at La Cañada (The Anatomy Tournament 2018's winner)
I am so thankful for Anatomage for stepping in and sponsoring the AACI event and helping us educate the future healthcare professionals of America.- Eli Hallak, Organizer of AACI
Definitely in the next two years, we will find a way to get the funding to happen and incorporate an Anatomage Table into our high school and our kids will be more prepared because of it.- Gary Clinton at Yelm High School
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